Suhail Ahmad

Suhail is an entrepreneurial leader, experienced director, trusted adviser, and speaker on digital strategy, business development, and financial technology.

Suhail leverages twenty years of experience in financial services and technology management to empower c-suite executives, investors, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in a digital economy. Being an early adopter of the internet and founder of in 1997, Suhail helps businesses identity genuine business and technology opportunities.

On the board of several start-ups and having successfully built and sold two fintech companies, Suhail knows firsthand the roller-coaster entrepreneurs face developing their businesses. As an adviser to tech founders and entrepreneurs, Suhail helps them navigate the start-up journey and turn their dreams into reality. Fintech companies are able to leverage Suhail’s intricate understanding of the financial industry.

As a former Chief Executive of a boutique investment bank and having a decade-long career in financial advisory, Suhail helps start-ups reduce their sales cycles, become investor ready, and grow profitably. Bankers and financial institutions enjoy learning from Suhail as he understands their language and helps them cut through the noise and hype. Whether it be adopting digital technologies to improve the customer journey or evaluating blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce risk, he is an invaluable resource for leadership teams.

Suhail has also led training workshops, spoken at international conferences, and is a well-regarded author on fintech and entrepreneurship. As a speaker, Suhail’s focuses on helping people manage risk, evaluate business and investment opportunities, and make sense of the new digital world.

Suhail is an active member of Gateway’s Digital Strategy & Fintech and Executive Strategy practices.