Talha Ahmad Azami

Mufti Talha Ahmad Azami is an award-winning Shari’a scholar with over 15 years of distinguished academic and professional experience in Islamic banking and financial services, acquired across global markets.

Mufti Talha began his career with BMB Islamic (UK), a boutique Islamic finance consultancy, and developed a specialization in structuring innovative Islamic finance solutions for investment banking and capital markets. He also served in the Sharia Department of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, overlooking Sharia Assurance, Sharia Audit and Operational Risk Management, and on the Shari’a advisory boards of Rasmala Investment Bank (in the Dubai International Financial Centre) and European Islamic Investment Bank (EIIB) in London.

Mufti Talha is also the Internal Sharia Reviewer (Head of Sharia Compliance & Audit) for Bank Sohar Islamic in Muscat, Oman, where he plays an instrumental role in the Bank’s Sharia advisory and structuring services across the bank’s full range of products and services.

Mufti Talha has worked in Islamic academia with prominent jurists and thinkers from India for more than ten years.

He holds a B.A. (Alimiyyah) in Arabic and Quranic Sciences and an M.A. (Fazilah) in Islamic law, both from Nadwa University in Lucknow. He also holds an Alimiyyah Degree in Hadith Sciences from Islamic University in Deoband and an M.A in Islamic Banking and Finance Management from Loughborough University in the U.K.