Yerlan Baidaulet

Yerlan is a Senior Adviser to the Ministry of investments and development, as well as the IDB Governor’s Office, in Kazakhstan.

He was previously Chairman of the Association for Development of Islamic Finance and is heavily involved in Islamic (participation) finance advocacy & promotion in CIS countries. He was also an adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan adviser to the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a board member of IDB, representing the CIS states.

He has written several publications in relation to Islamic Financing and its application in the CIS region. He speaks fluent Kazakh, English and German.

Yerlan graduated with a BSc from Al Farabi Kazakh National University, followed by a Postgraduate degree from the Academy of Sciences in Kazakhstan. He later studied his MAPOW at the University of St. Gallen, and an MBA in banking and finance f4rom the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research.