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Shari’a Advisory & Audit

Gateway’s Shari’a advisory and audit team aims to deliver Shari’a compliant solutions to the most complex of business problems. We combine front office expertise in financial, legal and commercial matters with world class Shari’a scholars. This combined expertise allows us to manage the full transaction process including structuring, certification, execution and ongoing monitoring of products, services and transactions, including the establishment and conversion of whole businesses.

Our Shari’a scholars play a critical role in the establishment and growth of the halal economy. Their education and guidance provide comfort to owners and other stakeholders that a business or product meets, at the least, minimums of the Shari’a. Gateway’s commitment to the Shari’a includes intending to implement its norms of environmental consciousness, social welfare and good governance, in order to combine form with substance and achieve the maqasid al Shari’a.

We have assembled several scholars, beginning with our honorary patron Shaykh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, with a strong understanding of Islamic principles, commercial practices and the challenges of integrating profit with principle. Located across the world, our scholars are widely recognised for their academic accomplishments and cutting-edge work in banking and finance, takaful (insurance) and trade.

Gateway’s scholars work with our industry experts to structure transactions, review legal documentation and regulatory frameworks, conduct thoughtful, comprehensive audit reviews, and offer detailed written guidance be it in the form of fatwas or audit/ compliance reports. The team ensures end-to-end delivery of a project to a client via open communication channels, in a transparent and predictable manner. In addition, with scholars placed across the world in numerous markets, we offer a deep understanding and sensitivity of local markets and customs.

Click here to see our brochure for a small selection of our industry leading Shari’a advisory experience.